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Why designers fail and what to do about it

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Why designers fail

Not everyone is successful in their careers, so there are many people in the field of web designing, who fails. This is surely a sad part, but the question is why do web designers fail in their careers? There can be many reasons behind their failures, but we are focusing on some of the main reasons behind their failure.So, the main reasons are-

Advance payment, but no work

It is the biggest reason, why the web designers fail in their careers? The people take the advance payment, but they don’t submit the work. This is not the right attitude and the clients don’t like, people like this at all. It is right on their part. The reasons, why the clients don’t trust, people like this are-

  • These people are not loyal towards their clients or work.
  • They are not dedicated towards their work.
  • They don’t pay the proper time to their work.

That is why, these people are not being employed by the clients and if by chance, they are being employed, then they are being fired as they get to know of it. Make sure, you don’t have this kind of attitude.

Not working in deadlines

This is the another main reason why designers fail ? The fact is that the clients want to work with those people who can work in deadlines. They are preferred over those also, who have years’ of experience, but they don’t work in deadlines. The reasons are-

  • They are more focused to their work.
  • They are dedicated to their work.
  • They would try hardest to complete the work in the deadlines.

This is the biggest quality, which the clients look for, when they hire someone. Make sure that you can also work in deadline, so that you don’t fail in your career.

Using pirated software

This is completely non acceptable to the clients. They would not accept the use of pirated software. The thing is that people think that they can fool the customers, but they are sadly mistaken. They cannot really do so. It is not at all an easy task to do so. The reasons why the people using pirated software, are not being considered are-

  • They are considered as cheaters.
  • They are not loyal to their profession.
  • They are thought to be those who make fun of their profession.

So, these kind of people are not at all hired by clients, their career comes to an end, once they are being caught and they cannot be safe, for a longer period of time.

Not aware of latest technology

This is also the main reason for ending the career of many people. The clients are of the opinion, that if the people in this field are not aware of the latest technology, then they are not fit for the job in this field. They are absolutely right on their part. The reason why this kind of people are not being hired are-

  • They are not giving any time to the latest developments in the field.
  • They have not made an effort to know about the latest developments.

So, these kind of people, are not at all preferred for the job. You need to be aware of the latest developments in your field, if you don’t want to end your career.

Not adaptable

The people who are in this field, should be able to adopt themselves to any situation, which comes in front of them. If they are not adaptable, then it is a big trouble for them, as there is no chance that they would be hired by any good company. The reasons are-

  • These kind of people cannot adjust with a team.
  • They cannot work with a team. They will have issues with everyone.
  • They have ego issues, which is not preferred at all.

The people who wants to work in this field, should be aware of this fact that you should be adaptable to any situation, that comes up in front of you. This would make clients hire you in long term.

Over price for work

These kinds of people are not at all hired by the clients. They are not preferred at all, no matter what it takes. These kind of people, have already ended their career. They are a big trouble for the clients. The reasons are-

  • These kind of people boast about themselves, but they are not up to that level.
  • These kind of people are not at all serious about their career.
  • They spent more time in leisure life, rather than spending their time to their profession
  • They don’t want to work.

These are the reasons that they are not being hired by someone. They are not considered as serious. So, there this is the another main reason of the failure of people’s career in web designing.

what to do about it

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