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7 Things For Web Design Best Practices

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It is the Main target of every designer to deliver a website which needs to be unique, relevant and useful. As a head designer, I always think about how to create a stunning UX design which will generate great user experiences.

The site should be relevant as per the nature of the client’s business. But the each site is different from other as per their business nature, but there are some issues or concern which should be adopted during the designing of any site and these are applicable for any sites like a company’s brand, usability considerations, appearance, colour scheme, image compression, functionality, browser compatibility, screen resolution, mobile compatibility, navigation and website architecture.

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What Are the Web Design Best Practices?

Today I am listing down some factors of Web Design Best Practices which needs to be followed during designing any web layout.

1. Seeking your target customer

It is an obvious concern which needs to be considered and this one considered to be one of the main factors of Web Design Best Practices.

There are millions of searching are being held each day and the search engine using its elegant algorithm is providing the desired result based on the searching keywords. So it is an essential for any organization to research for the best keywords which are most relevant to their business which will bring valuable target customers for that organization.

2. Emphasize on  Conversions

The main concern of any web designer is to make their site visually appealing. But it is not only the mandatory factor to be considered on. There are the couple of factors which can transform your casual visitors into paying visitors, subscribe to your site for more update.

These are IMAGE, TEXT, COLOR, ND NAVIGATION. Each one of these will provide great experiences during traversing the sites and customer will get their required information with ease.

3. Build a brand

This is one of the most important factors of Web Design Best Practices. The graphics designer should keep it in their mind that logos, images should match with the brochure and other corporate documentation. This will establishes a brand.

4. Typography

Web is informative, information convey through letters. But without understanding the color, size, font face of those letters it might be meaningless or cannot make deep psychological impact on our mind. Hence  the concept of typography is derived. Now we are considering an example to understand it in better way.

Suppose we have a piece of text which denote the heading of a paragraph so if we don’t make it in bold, larger in font size it will be meaningless or cannot drag us towards that piece of text. This is the significance of proper typography. But typography is not only related to font size, font face , color but beyond that. It includes good color choices, use of Decorative faces as per the needs, do use  capital letters as per the demands, use appropriate leading etc.

5. Responsive layout

It is considered to be a one of the most important Web Design Best Practices which needs to be followed badly.Today the website designing is going through a rapid changes.

Now a days smartphone and tablets are being used enormously, so every website needs to cope with the resolution with smartphones and tablets along with the desktop computer. If any web designing organization overlook it, it will drop considerable amount, valid customer.

People are now surfing internet using their smartphones and tablet, so they want that every of the website should be compatible with their smartphones and tablet. Today there are various framework and tools are available which will provide the responsive design on the fly. So every web designing organization should adopt it to deliver the required responsive version of any design which will scale down with any resolution of devices.

6. Explainer Video

This one is considered to be a main catalyst to bring more lead.If you place your explainer video on homepage it will deliver you a great lead.But it should be unique and amazing.You can hire good script writer to write a valuable script as per your business needs and bring a professional voice over artist to give voice on your video and a good professional animator to give life to your video.

7. Content Organization

This one is the most important concern as visitor will get their required information from the relevant content. There are couple of things that needs to bear in mind during content organization like not more than one font should be used in a page, during writing any paragraph proper heading should be given, point needs to be marked with bullet and the paragraph needs to be brief, the consistent use of font and font color and font face, content needs to be organized in a such manner as if main information can be found easily, there is no space for any outdated content and most obvious it should be free from typographical and grammatical errors.

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