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What are brand guidelines of web design?

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What are brand guidelines for Business?

“Branding” is a term, which is being used to define your business to everyone, which means to yourself, to your team mates and to the others. It is a very important process for setting up the business. In fact, many big companies try to present themselves as small firms, so that they should acquire more and more clients. It is known as branding. But now the question arises what are brand guidelines?

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Define the brand

Defining the brand is the most important thing. You need to know each and everything about the brand. Nothing should be missed out. If you know each and everything about the product, then it would be really very easy for you to convince people, that despite having many choices with them, why they should buy your product only. Here are some points-

  • Knowing everything about the brand would make you, defend your brand very easily.
  • You will be able to sell it, by convincing people, not by forcing them, unlike other brands.
  • You will have a strong customer base, in comparison to others.

In this way, you will be able to define your brand and you will also be able to brand your web design business.

Keep yourself as a person, while thinking

It is really very important to do so. You need to consider yourself as a person, who would contact you for the business. In this way, you will not think only one side, you will also understand the other side of the coin. Here are some points-

  • You will not commit any kind of mistakes.
  • You will understand his perspective also.
  • It will be easy for you to understand everything.

Make long term relations

If you want to brand your web design business, then it is a very important step. You need to maintain long term relationships with your customers. It also means that you are having fixed customers, who would buy product from you only. Here are some points-

  • The customers should trust you.
  • The customers should know you very well and the true you should be revealed to them.
  • There should be nothing that is being hidden from them.

Don’t lie to your customers; this is the best thing you could do to make long term relationships with your customers.

Be consistent

You should be consistent to your customers, irrespective of the fact that they are your permanent or new customers. If you are being biased, with your customers, you will lose them today or tomorrow. Here are some points-

  • Being consistent, the customers would trust you.
  • They would consider you as a real person.
  • They would think that you are concern for them, even when they are of no use to you.

It is really very important to do so. In this way, you will be able to brand your web design business in a very easy way.

Don’t be repetitive

If you don’t want to lose any of your customers, then don’t be repetitive. Repetitive in the sense, that doesn’t give your message again and again to them. It would irritate them and they might not do business with you. Here are some points-

  • If you are giving the same message again and again, it would make them think of get rid of you.
  • Once they had a bad experience, they would not think of doing business with you again.
  • You will lose an opportunity for your business and few customers too.

You need to keep this in mind, which you don’t have to be repetitive in anything. Once it is said and they have understood it, it is more than enough. No further repetition.

Don’t be a copycat

If your business is small, then don’t try to copy the big companies. You cannot really fool the customer, as they are more associated to the market, then you. So, be true to them, so that you don’t lose them. Here are some points-

  • Don’t try to cheat your customer. It is not possible.
  • Be true to your customers.
  • Be yourself. Don’t be a copycat.

Be true to your customers and be yourself to them as far as possible.

Take a stand and stick to them

If you really want to brand your web design business, then you need to take a stand. You just cannot let wrong things happen to you or anyone. You need to be strong. And remember, once you have taken the stand, regarding anything, stick to it. Don’t keep on changing on your stands. The reasons are-

  • You would be considered as a weak person. So, anything and everything could happen to you.
  • You would not be included while taking any decision.
  • You would not be considered as that important part of the company, as others.

You need to break your weak image, if you have so. You need to show them, that you have decision making power and you can stick to your stand. Only then, you will get respect.


Above mentioned  brand guidelines based on the business branding, You can also check the identity  brand guidelines on the nifty marketing

NorwichBSchool is good video for wathing about Brand

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